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Sunflower Hall of Souls offers a very unique and personal heart felt connection to your loved one if you have chosen cremation.

Our Special Offer:

Sunflower Hall of Souls gives you ability to enhance your closeness and loving connection in a way that will surly create a more lasting bond and connection.

Sunflower Hall of Souls offers numerous choices as to infusing your loved ones remains into an object of your choosing, a special memory item, a keepsake gifted to you by your loved one or a keepsake you gifted to them. One or any aspect that you, the ”bereaved” feel would be a enhanced ceremonial to bring you and your loved one closer in essence and in spirit.

With this type of ceremonial infusion, you will have immediate connection with your loved one.

We thought of this Cremational Ceremonial infusion "one day" as we were having an Oil portrait painting done of Myself, Dont’e and my wife, Kelly. From a picture of all 3 of us before Dont’e had passed.

Dont’e was cremated and his remains were presented to us in a wooden urn to which he is with us everyday in our home.

It struck me as a fantastic idea to create an infusion of Dont’es remains into the painting. So I spoke to the artist and he agreed. The very 1st picture of infusing Dont’es remains is the picture of all 3 of us and Kelly and I have on sunglasses. We feel this picture is a testament to our belief Cremational Ceremonial infusion is heavenly, galactic and spiritual. We have with us a more expanded connection with Dont’e “in that” all that we have infused his remains into, were already being cherished. I like to think we have instituted a process that is much more celestial and connected to Dont’e. Rather than visiting a cemetery he and our cherished items of endearment are right here with us and will follow us to our final destination, to become Sunflower Souls.

The Process:

I have numerous designs and colors of small crafted urns that are truly beautiful.

  • Blue/Silver
  • Seagull
  • Red/Silver
  • Cardinal
  • Purple/Silver
Blue/Silver1 Seagull2 Red/Silver3 Cardinal4 Purple/Silver5

If you would like us to send you a urn, please make note of the urn's name as you will be asked which urn you want on the contact form.

What would take place is, “you” the bereaved would CONTACT Sunflower Hall of Souls and request an infusion of your loved one. We would then send you, “free of charge” an urn of your choosing to the address you provide. Once you receive the urn and depending on the item you are requesting to be infused will determine the amount of ashes you need to provide. Once we know what it is you would like infused, you would then insert into the urn your loved ones ashes.

I must say that you need to proceed in a careful and attentive manner “in that”the ashes are very fine but also present with small fragments of your loved one's foundation. Once that is completed you would be able to ship back to us "with the item”that is to be infused. I have 4 process’s as to how I create the infusion. The 1st is the most easiest and that entails applying small amounts into the palm of my hand and once the base adhesive is set in place, I just exert a forced puff of air and the ashes land onto the item. They then sit and set of which is 24 hrs. The other 3 process’s are Air Brush,Powder Coat and a Atomizer. These process’s are for certain types of requests.

They could be anything:

Lets say a father and son had built a model aircraft together and it is now a cherished item for the father. The father might like the idea of infusing a small amount of his son’s remains. For this type of infused ceremonial I would operate the Air brush system to initiate the infusion.

The gallery of pictures at top of page this page are poised in a little garden, all items in the images are infused with our beloved son, Dont’e. The plack which states “Dont’es Love” was created by Kelly, Dont’es mom! This garden was created for Dont’e, there is a Jalapeño plant to the left of center mass which is thriving in addition to a Sunflower standing 9 feet tall which will be blooming in next 2 weeks.

Both the Jalapeño plant and the Sunflower have been infused with Dont’e!


Here at SunFlower Hall of Souls, if the bereaved chooses a Cremational Ceremonial, they will be responsible for shipment of the item to our establishment.

SunFlower Hall of Souls will provide free shipping of the Urn to and from our establishment with the final destination back to the bereaved "with the gifted Urn" completely free of charge.

The Urn is a gift from us to the bereaved.

That way if you find the process has brought a more content and meaningful connection, you might wish to memorialize more.

Thank you,

Sunflower Hall of Souls

Our website is not manned 24/7, we are not Professional Grief Counselors. If you are in crisis please call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

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