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Sunflower Hall Of Souls

Dont'e Izzo

"The Sunflower Hall of Souls" was established in dedication to, and to memorialize our beloved son Dont'e, whose life was an example of humanity's potential to achieve its highest good.

In the second grade Dont'e drew a vibrant, illuminating sunflower, we were so elated by Dont'es artistic talent we framed the picture which is displayed in our home till this day. Dont'es colorful personality along with his favorite color yellow, of which he pronounced (LELLOW) was parallel to this beautiful, vibrant flower.

We have come to envision Dont’es soul as a Sunflower and the idea for “Sunflower Hall Of Souls” blossomed from the soul of our son.

We thought this to be a magnificent idea to start this website and connect with other parents and loved ones of children that left this planet entirely too soon.

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In our home we have created numerous types of art work infused with the memory of Dont’e. We are wanting to start a memorialized collection of other Sunflower Souls and their artwork to honor their presence on Earth.

If you as a parent or loved one of a Sunflower Soul wishes to memorialize your child and would like to submit one piece of artwork and a narrative memorializing your child, we will induct your Sunflower Soul child into our hall to be memorialized forever.

The Social Media Victim's Law Center, PLLC

Social media has become a normal part of everyday life. As parents, we take for granted that companies such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook have our teenager’s best interests at heart.

However, recent disclosures have revealed that Social Media Platforms use complex algorithms and psychological manipulation to maximize screen time allowing damaging posts and hurtful communications to be fed to vulnerable kids.

Effects of this include a 56 percent increase in suicide for the 10-24 age group from 2007 to 2017 which experts have attributed to their increased social media and screen time . . .

Our website is not manned 24/7, we are not Professional Grief Counselors. If you are in crisis please call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

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